Book Summary How To Pay Less and Keep More For Yourself by Rob Carrick

For example, preferred share etfs like CPD and XPF are down 1-2%, despite the fact that rates are rising. Many of the assets classes do not seem to be responding according to ‘common theory’ of markets. We are thinking of moving, but when kids are involved it’s hard. Good school is a big factor and my older child dont want to leave her school where she is happy. It is not like you are single and can live in a tent. Otherwise I will just live in an RV.

  • As their lives progress they would, if they wish, gradually transition from full time workers to full time investors.
  • For weeks now, I’ve been trying desperately to convince him not to buy a place in the GTA anytime in the near future.
  • I go on and on about speculators fueling the GTA market and about the astronomically high levels of debt Canadians have strapped to their backs.
  • Will Calgarian RE valuations keep on decreasing?
  • If the Commie Pinkos are elected in then big business will not invest in Canada.

I go on and on about speculators fueling the GTA market and about the astronomically high levels of debt Canadians have strapped to their backs. My realtor ex also decided last year it would be a good idea to renovate his basement, which cost more than he thought it would. So now he’s not selling houses and he’s tapped out. He’s 40 years old and spends most of the time in the dark with the curtains drawn, playing video games. It’s probably good I got away when I did. However, if YOU were the BC premiere then what measures would you enact to try to quell the craziness that is happening around crazy house prices etc?

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Would-be entrepreneurs deciding to flip houses instead of starting a real business. Factory owners outsourcing to China because local wages are too high due to crazy land costs. Pension fund professions are considered shrewd investing professionals. They have to achieve returns to meet the obligations for present and future workers who are drawing on their pension in retirement. The book provides useful personal finance nuggets and teaches you how to save money by reducing investment fees over the long term. Carrick leans towards an index investing approach with a focus on paying the least to get the most value for your investment portfolio.

She still scares the hell out of me. I am glad tax tme is only once per year. The federal election may well mirror the shell shocker that took place in Alberta earlier this year. All this does is discourage investment and advancement. Coal-burning power plans are actually more efficient and cleaner than your average combustion engines, FYI.

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CONs are going down and NDP has no chance. I am not investing my money in Canadian equities. Without the loan value itself rising. To grant another majority mandate to the same government, under whose tenure we saw the escalation of the greatest private debt accumulation in our history? A process actively encouraged by said government.

Maybe I am a bit, but all those tax cuts are the reason the Federal debt has ballooned under the CONs. If they’d kept the GST at 7% we would be in surplus and the debt would be going down and not up. It’s going to be impossible to balance the books in the future without program cuts or raising taxes and we know which way the CONs will go. CN Rail, Brookfield Asset Management, Power Financial, RBC, TD, Scotia, BMO, CIBC, National Bank, Canadian Western Bank, Enbridge, Suncor, just to name a few dividend growth payers.

I know you don’t feel the foreign element is significant, but you have noted how specers are the primary drivers…i’m sure others would also enjoy hearing what Prem Turner would do…thanks. Even the well-heeled have decided real estate’s too laden with risk, and values must come down to reduce it. An upscale GTA development has just slashed its asking prices – by $1 million. Just be thankful you didn’t buy a palace in the Upper West Side from Conservatory Group a few months ago. There is no need to carry credit card balance insurance.

And the return doesn’t include the hefty dividend that currently yields 5.4 per cent annually. Perhaps the takeaway here, says our David Berman, is that TC Energy can fare just fine without Keystone, and it’s best to tune out most regulatory hurdles and political noise. To compare the options, I created a Globe Investor Watchlist of short-term bond ETFs and evaluated returns for the year through early June. To set a baseline, the unit price of broad-based bond ETFs was down a little more than 5 per cent for that period.

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US upscale housing options get stratospherically expensive very quickly. Move to where it makes sense to live costs/income. If not look into living in a Van, tiny house, or RV. Don’t blow that 175K, you’ll never forgive yourself. TV economist interviewee’s this week falling overthemselves ignoring job numbers and touting wage increases for those with jobs…fodder for BoC continuing to raise rates. Therefore I think Quebec and Ontario will have to tough it out with austerity.

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Second, logic dictates the big real estate gains are behind us, not in front of us. The best action now is not to buy an asset at its highest-ever price, just because everyone says it will go higher. Do you seriously believe with a 75-cent dollar, half-price oil, a slagging economy and crappy demographics that real estate has not peaked?

What are Carrick’s tips on how to improve your personal finance game?

The federal election choice should be based on what the feds are able to influence (i.e. banking, interest rates, foreign policy, military, etc.). My vote is going for the party that influences federal decisions in that regard. And then you xsb token price tell them that somehow this wealth will “trickle down”. It stays in the cycle of investment, benefiting the company brass and the shareholders, remaining out of reach of most working stiffs with their lower wages and higher tax rate.

The problems he has now will be same for the next in line. Canada has done better than most of the planet since tshtf in 08, and I’d wager much better than if the NDP was in power instead. A few years back, the wife and I had to find another individual to do our taxes, as our long time professional was retiring. We went to one that came to us highly recommended by a co-worker. Whether one votes Liberal, NDP, Conservative it’s all predicated on their ability to react to ‘real world order events. We continue to be a minor player on the world stage despite our large land mass.

And in fairness to Quebec they are already there, and house prices falling are not a big issue for Quebec, where they never ran up much. I hate to agree with SCM but I smell rat on today’s job numbers. Economists across this country are asked about there thoughts on January numbers and the revelation we lost 88g of jobs is so contradictory to their analysis it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Below are recommendations on which exchange traded funds to select to help build your own investment portfolio by using a Canadian pension plan portfolio formula. TC Energy Corp. (TRP-T) The Keystone XL pipeline may be dead, but that hasn’t deterred investors in TC Energy. The stock is up nearly 26 per cent this year, trouncing the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

Should you invest in traditional mutual funds or index funds?

Garth offers a valuable free service. As I pointed out in previous comments, the big issue for Canadian entrepreneurship is access to capital. In a nutshell, there is very little speculative capital available in the Canadian economy for stuff that actually involves significant R&D. NDP swept Alberta Ottawa is next up. The revolution cannot be denied, or stopped. Trickle-down theory has almost universally been discredited (took long enough!).

Not saying the two can’t work side by side but to have most eggs in the oil basket is a big part of why Canada is in a recession. Fifth, learn about diversification. More than anything else, that’s how investors avoid losses and heartache. If you leverage up a house, then become responsible for monthly overhead and an epic mortgage, odds are you have a one-asset strategy.

What’s the difference between index mutual funds and exchange traded funds?

Businesses would have to pay tax on all purchases and services, same as everyone else. However, the way we’re going, this won’t happen. The millennials are right in their observation. But they’re wrong in the approach.

Some will outright ask for money, but some ask for guidance. And usually not just in the financial area of their lives, but other areas as well. I hate giving advice, but I freely share what I know and how I look at things. Some are grateful, while others get angry, just like here. “Entrepreneurs” are what we need in the clean tech sector. We need to get our collective heads out of the oil sands and look around at what’s happening in the new clean tech industry worldwide.

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