How to Build a GPS App: Tech Requirements & Pitfalls Explained

If the connection has already been activated, the location data can be gotten faster, the GPS system will require more time to establish a connection with satellites. These applications allow us to view the offers of the nearest restaurants . It is useful both to owners of places to dine and to perspicacious businessmen who want to create GPS apps to increase their earnings .

How employees’ hours are being tracked in today’s workforce – Arizona Daily Star

How employees’ hours are being tracked in today’s workforce.

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GPS tracking is used for taking care of people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia wearing GPS shoes. Caregivers can check the location of their family members in the app. Geo-based augmented reality may be implemented to help with 3D visualizations of entire buildings and separate components on a construction site. Komoot has many features for people practicing sports like offline maps and the ability to explore unsurfaced areas. See complex trends and patterns by creating intuitive visualizations. Experienced programmers know how to avoid security flows and system vulnerabilities.

Examples of location intelligence in various industries

According to BCG, this feature is now responsible for 25% of the company’s revenue. Create GPS apps since such a method is very efficient and depletes the battery to a lesser degree. Moreover, it independently decides how to get the location data at one time or another . As for other countries, the system works there too but you have to display a pin on the map. In the case of building a route, it’s better to use Google Maps, as it is more accurate, and routes are being updated more often. Create an application with GPS in order to send users notifications about possible dangerous situations near them .

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

Save time and effort, accessing curated data sets with unmatched accuracy, detail and geographic coverage – including static and dynamic data, 2D and 3D datasets, and indoor maps. Our experts use the trending tech stack that includes Geolocation, Navigation, Maps, Voice recognition, etc. to develop an app like Waze. With access to the data that is important for your business in real-time, organizations can make more informed decisions for the business by reducing operational costs. In the competitive market before you live any of the projects make sure that an app like Waze has user-friendly features. Before the developer starts the project, analyze the whole project to know its success and recognize its risk and weakness.

Customers using this GPS Waze navigation software can access data about traffic conditions. The Waze app, created by an Israeli business in 2009, has been installed over 100 million times or more on app stores. Apart from geolocation services, your navigation app needs to offer users the option of voice directions for the route. For example, developers can use Google Maps Directions API, which allows users to choose any voice from the list and instantly implement it. This feature is attractive to users because drivers are used to receiving directions by voice.

Do you have a project and require professional assistance with its development?

After an app is developed, it is tested and if testing is successful, it is released. You can decide what should be advertised in your app and what might be interesting for users. An iPhone application for the Stanford University School of Medicine to help them run a study of a fainting disease. The app tracks and visualizes heart rate and notifies participants to take a survey when it detects them near a hospital. If it does, then you can test the interim app builds and provide feedback.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

Navigators, guides, social media with geotagged pictures, route planning, fitness apps with track speeds relate to location-based services. Using location data, you can analyze users’ buying patterns to offer personalized purchase suggestions. Customers can also search for products/services on smartphones, and geolocation applications will help brands promote their recommendations locally. One of the primary benefits of location-based applications is that they allow companies to serve users near their immediate geographic area, thereby increasing customers’ loyalty. For instance, using GPS technology, Uber can quickly identify the exact users’ location and send their products or services as soon as possible. Some businesses cannot perform without locating clients , while others make use of geolocation features to provide better customer services.

Its powerful API gives you everything you need to develop business applications on top of satellite data. Matrixian Map – customizable interactive maps that combine various types of location data, including real estate, logistics, business, point of interest, and demographics. The dataset covers most countries over the globe and gets daily updates. To build a geolocation app, you’ll need to use one API to learn a user’s location and another to put those coordinates on a map. LI can help select locations for the company’s offices, ATMs, and storage facilities.

GPS App Challenges, or How to Build a GPS App and not Fail

If in any case an app like Waze becomes famous among the drivers and people who offer you complimentary services, then there is a possibility of partnership. When your users want to get from one location to another, don’t push them out of your application into a generic map application. Instead, keep them engaged with your application 100 percent of the time with in-app turn-by-turn navigation. The Mapbox Navigation SDK is a precise and flexible platform that enables users to explore the world’s streets. Mapbox gives you all the tools you need to add turn-by-turn navigation to your application. It takes just a few minutes to drop a full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation view controller into your app.

So if you’re thinking of developing a navigation app, you’re probably making the right choice. Make sure your team has extensive knowledge on how to build a GPS app. Work out the tech side of the project, decide on the functionality, and choose the most suitable location-tracking technology and tech stack. Implement all of the functionality you have chosen for the app.

What technologies are required to build a GPS app

Mapbox partners with Facebook, CNN, AllTrails, Shopify, and other top tech companies. If you don’t think that Google Maps fits your app, Mapbox is a rather reliable substitute. When you purchase the Maps API, you gain access to all the components, including unlimited access to the Mobile Native Maps. You can go through the available freebies and product costs on the Google Maps pricing platform for developers. Time Zone API — this interface allows users to find out the time zones of different locations worldwide. This API provides the time zone and the current time in UTC and day-light savings.

Step #3. Define Key Features

After you get sufficient feedback from real users, you should start working on a final product. Let’s go through all the steps it takes to build a location tracking app. Please mind that the drill will be slightly different compared to developing other mobile applications. Start location-based mobile app development by creating a working prototype stripped down just to the geolocation feature that is the core of your app.

  • This type of GPS mobile solution will probably come first to your mind.
  • You can’t avoid these significant expenses, especially if you’re a permanently growing company.
  • This is the stage where you research, analyze and select a company to cooperate on your navigation app.
  • Thіѕ сrоwdѕоurсіng аllоwѕ thе Wаzе соmmunіtу to rероrt nаvіgаtіоn аnd mарріng еrrоrѕ аnd traffic accidents simply bу running the app whіlе drіvіng.
  • This technology is the integration of the two technologies (GPS and Cell-ID) mentioned above.
  • Moreover, you can always follow the 4-step approach recommended by our experienced app developers.

Since social media are extremely popular today, most people expect to have some social elements in every mobile solution. Waze has implemented its own ad product, namely in-app location-based advertising. In essence, this is a location-guided ad platform for business owners who want to attract the attention of nearby drivers. While you’re driving, you can see advertisements for nearby shops, restaurants, and other locations. What’s most interesting is that Waze analyzes not only your location but also your destination to offer the most relevant ads.


Thus, it leads to clients’ engagement and boosts sales accordingly. Hybrid apps, which integrate mobile and online components, may be something you could consider creating. Although the development process takes less time, the functionality is not as seamless as native apps. The Waze-like app can be synced with Google Calendar by users so that their travels can be more viable. The Waze navigation app creates a list of upcoming appointments alongside their destinations when it has access to the calendar.

Any location-based mobile app can only function with up-to-date map and location services. For more accurate geolocation, you need to implement several technologies. Here are some great additions to improve your geolocation services.

Giving your users an opportunity for battery-saving mode will increase your chances of attracting more clients and remain competitive on the market. These are two technologies developed by Apple and Google that operate based on Bluetooth Low Energy signals. The key benefit of these two tools is that they have highly accurate features for indoor navigation. However, it should be noted that they only work in addition to the core functionality.

Modern clever apps must also direct users to locate parking lots with plenty of space nearby that also indicate fuel prices. Three-fourths (77%) of smartphone owners routinely use navigation applications, and 87% use them for driving directions. The Makani app moves Libyans from the use of difficult descriptive addressing to smooth digital addressing and enables the navigation of geographical locations within the country. It helps users to locate places within their region through a digital map that allocates specific postal codes to almost all locations. Moreover, you won’t be forcing users to create yet another account, but use their existing accounts for smooth login. Preparing for launch is key if you want your navigation app to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

Identify Key Features is available offline, has low battery consumption, and is updated daily by millions of users. Each industry has its window of possibilities in the GPS field. You can see this on real projects that started with just an idea how to build a gps app like you have today. Discover patterns and trends by turning location data into compelling stories. Pinpoint the precise location of devices and assets in places, both indoors and outdoors, using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile signal.

Location Tracking

Wаzе differs from traditional GPS nаvіgаtіоn ѕоftwаrе іn thаt іt’s соmmunіtу-drіvеn, gаthеrіng соmрlеmеntаrу map data and traffic іnfоrmаtіоn from іtѕ uѕеrѕ. To provide the shortest route, Waze needs to have accurate data for all nearby roads and routes. While you’re driving, the app will compare data for all possible routes and offer you the most optimal route according to your preferences.

And the best part is that compared to online maps, offline maps save not only battery life but also data. The app immediately analyzes this information to ensure that others take the most optimal routes. By the way, Waze is the official navigation app for Lyft, which is a legitimate seal of approval. Drivers around the world use Waze to improve each other’s routes by sharing real-time information about traffic conditions and road repairs.

So it’s no surprise that an app like Waze has shaken the GPS app market. Developing an app like Waze is a very complex process that requires detailed research and professional skills. Waze and Spotify have joined forces to keep the tunes going while you’re driving.

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